How to clean Dry Vent with a Leaf Blower

Having a leaf blower in your home is always an added advantage. It could be used not only to clean leaves and debris but also has multi-options. You can use it for dusting, removing shallow snow, clearing puddles, chasing out rodents, and drying surfaces.  Imagine how time-consuming and tiring the same job would be if done by a manual rake or any similar manual equipment. While you may already know how to use a leaf blower to clean up your yard, an electric or battery-powered or Back Pack leaf blower can be used for numerous other tasks. One of these includes using your leaf blower vacuum to clean the dryer vent pipe on your home. Check how to to clean dry vent with a leaf blower

Cleaning the dryer vent duct is an important job because it not only helps to maintain the efficiency of this appliance, but it also decreases the potential for a fire by clearing the lint from the duct. This writeup will show you how to clean a dryer vent with a leaf blower.

Why does the dryer vent need cleaning?

Over time, your clothes dryer vent will fill up with lint. It may even become blocked by it if precautions aren’t taken. When you wash and dry clothes in your washing machine, minute fibres come off together with the dust. The lint that does not get trapped by the lint screen that’s included in most of the dryers will find its way into the dryer vent. As more and more lint builds up into the vent, the machine’s drying efficiency will reduce. Even more of a problem is the fire hazard that it poses since lint is flammable. Keep your house safe and your dryer operating at its maximum by cleaning the vent at least once each year. Keep reading, and you’ll understand just how it’s done.

How to clean the dryer vent?

Cleaning out the dryer vent with a leaf blower is rather simple if you follow the simple steps.

Gain Access over dryer vent: The first thing you need to do is gain access to the dryer vent. This will probably mean dragging the dryer away from the wall so you can work behind it. Remove the hose from the vent. You may be able to do this without any tools or you may need to unscrew it.

Remove the cover:  The second step is to remove its cover from outside of the vent that will allow a significant amount of air to its escape. If you will not follow this step, then the air blowing throughout the pipe will result in excess pressure which can cause damage to your leaf blower and its tubing. 

Clean from outside: When you remove the cover outside, you can also take the opportunity to clean the vent manually with the help of a brush or a vacuum cleaner. This would help to remove the permanent lint that has built up around the cover for a long period.

Clean from Inside: Now it’s time to clean it from inside after cleaning its outer side. You can use a simple cordless leaf blower or an electric leaf blower for this purpose. First, you need to seal the vent around the nozzle of your leaf blower or you can also use duct tape without any hassle because the main goal is to prevent air from escaping back.

Turn the Leaf blower on: When everything is in place, you can give the leaf blower a short blast. Repeat a few times, and if everything seems ok, you can leave it blowing for up to 30 seconds. This should be very effective at blasting all the lint in the pipe out of the external vent.

Bring everything back to place: Check outside to see if the lint has been expelled. Clean around the external vent again as before.When you have successfully cleaned out your vent, remove the leaf blower and put everything back into place, reattaching the dryer to the vent and screwing back on the external cover.

Things to keep in mind while cleaning

If the vent pipe is too long the leaf blower may not blow strong enough to push the debris out of the pipe successfully. Then the lint may clog somewhere inside the pipe causing a greater blockage. To avoid this, insert a dryer-vent drill with the brush extension to loosen the debris before using the leaf blower. The drill hook can pull out whatever is causing the obstruction.

A leaf blower will work in a straight pipe but won’t blow strong enough through bent pipes or twisted pipes. Neither will it be able to remove lint that gathered in the folds of accordion-style ducting. Make sure there’s no metal screening covering the outlet vent. Lint will build-up behind the screen causing a fire hazard. Remove the screen before using the leaf blower.


Leaf blower vacuum is highly versatile tools that can be used for a number of tasks they weren’t originally designed for, from clearing snow to threading pipes. There are certainly a lot of other methods to clean a dryer vent, but this would be the easiest option. However, you should avoid excessive cleaning of a dryer vent that can sometimes result in damaging the equipment. Have a clean home!

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